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Live animals

Dubbo Veterinary Hospital and Macquarie Artificial Breeders has Australian Government Accredited Veterinarians (AAV) available to facilitate the exportation of live animals. We have quarantined a number of stud animals in order for them to be exported to a number of countries. We have extensive contacts within Australia with stud producers, selling agents and export agents. 








Macquarie Artificial Breeders has exported sheep semen to countries including Uruguay, Argentina, USA, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Falkland Islands, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil.

We have also exported dog semen to the United Kingdom and Germany. 



Macquarie Artificial Breeders has gained considerable experience in the exportation of sheep embryos to a number of countries. We also have extensive networks within Australia to source the most suitable genetics desired to meet the needs of importing customers. These networks allow us to help importers to select the most appropriate breed and animals within that breed to meet their needs.



International collaborations

Once embryos have been exported from Australia, in order for them to become the founding members of a new flock in the new country, they must first be successfully implanted into appropriate recipient ewes so as to establish a pregnancy.

This process not only requires facilities, technical skills and knowledge in order to successfully undertake the procedure, it also requires delicate management of these animals


The delicate management of these animals requires working with farmers and animal handlers to achieve the successful selection of appropriate females, necessary feeding programs, low stress handling, successful implementation of hormonal manipulation programs and management of pregnancy, parturition and lactation.

Having local service providers who are able to manage these issues whilst understanding the local environment, customs, management practices and attitudes, is absolutely paramount to achieving a successful outcome.

Macquarie Artificial Breeders is actively seeking service providers who will be able to manage these concerns at a local level.

Please call Dubbo Veterinary Hospital and Macquarie Artificial Breeders if you are interested in exporting animals, semen or embryos.